Chepe: Copper Canyon Railroad

"El Chepe" will take you on a journey through two of the most impressive natural attractions in Mexico. From the Tarahumara Mountains to the Copper Canyon, internationally renowned as being four times the size of the famous canyon in Colorado. Some of the activities you are invited to enjoy include mountain biking, camping, mountain climbing, and fishing, as well as visiting the various towns and villages in the Tarahumara Mountains.

The trip begins in Chihuahua and ends in Los Mochis and viceversa, making stops at different communities along the way.

In addition to admiring the breathtaking landscapes (the journey includes 37 bridges and 86 tunnels), Chepe passengers are invited to take advantage of the food and bar service onboard the train.

This route is held up as a masterpiece of Mexican engineering.

Ticket Sales and Information: 01·614·439·7212 ó 01·800·122·4373